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CO2 fractioned laser: a very useful and safe innovation for skin

Technology improves every day. In particular in the field of lasers, we had an exponential
revolution in those past few years.
Equipment that were updated last year, today are obsolete and the last generation machines
allows very good results, in view of safety and possible collateral effects that are almost null.
With the old equipment, old lasers, we used to shoot with a bazooka, and the risk to have
side effects was pretty high. The ability and caution of the operator were fundamental.
Today we have machines that control themselves before starting; we can decide how to
injure at what depth and what time apart from one injury to another.
From a complete exfoliation of the cutaneous layer that we had with the old CO2 laser, we
now have reached a controlled exfoliation in which the ray of the laser is fractioned only on
some small parts of the skin, placing at the distance we want. This technology is names CO2
Fractioned Laser.
This procedure highly reduces the thermal effect and so the side effects, due to the burning
of the tissues with the possibility to have scars, are now equal to zero.
Even the follow up reduces, but especially has become uniform, for which we can now give a
completely safe timetable: in 5-7 days, the scabs come off and the patient is back to his
normal life.
Beside, the production of collagen is highly stimulated: in few days those mechanisms that
allow a complete recovery are activated.
To improve the recovery and have better effects, I use the PRP, Platelet Rich Plasma, who
allows a quicker recovery.
How concentrated Platelets work?
Very easily: we draw some blood before the laser. With a sterile Kit, the blood is centrifuged
and the platelets are separated from the corpuscolated cells.
The obtained platelets, together with the plasma, are immediately used on the injured skin,
and brushed where the laser hit the skin. This activates, in an exponential way, the
mechanism of repair and activated the fibroblasts. There is not any risk of infection or
transmission of diseases, since it is a procedure that is executed immediately in front of the
patient, using only the patient’s material.
It is important to use sterile Kit dedicated to this procedures, that will cost more, but will give
total safety of sterility and results.

Informed Consent – CO2 Fractioned Laser