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Aesthetic Medicine – Porcine Collagen

One of the problems that have more impact on the treatment of wrinkles through fillers based oncollage has always been the duration of the correction.

Every collagen, the bovine and human collagen, on the market until few years ago had effectively reduced the duration and the costs were still
In the past few years a new collagen deriving from porcine was put on the market.
The porcine collagen, as it is for many other materials used by men, is very close to human being
collagen and that is why it is well accepted by human body.
The commercial name is Evolence and you can find it in two different formulations: Evolence and
Evolence breeze according to if it has to be used for deeper wrinkles or especially for facial volume, or
instead for very thin and superficial wrinkles (in this case we will use the Breeze).
This last collagen comes from a last generation technology (Glimatrix technology) that uses the action
The technique of the implant does not differ from the one we already know and used for other types
of collagen, but the duration of the correction is increased, even if it obviously needs expert hands not
to overdosage.
The results are really great, very plastic and absolutely natural and incredible.
As I always say, we have to absolutely avoid the exaggeration: if we use too much material, any filler
can give unnatural result.
I personally have been using this filler for quite some time now and it does not give any problems.
Thin and medium wrinkles, including the frontal wrinkles and the one at the level of the cheek (rather
difficult to correct naturally).
Treatment of all those patients who are intolerant to other substances.
Treatment of volumes with more dense formulations.
The correction is temporary since it is totally reabsorbable filler.

Informed Consent – Collagen