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Aesthetic Medicine – Bionblue

Bioinblue is a filler recently introduced on the market that gives natural and more lasting results than any other fillers (filling).
It is a derivative from polyvinilic alcohol, with a degree of purity equal to 99% and for its incapacity to develop immune reactions is used in medicine as vehicle for drugs or substitute for plasma.

It has many features really appreciated in aesthetic medicine:
· it does not have proteins that can provoke allergies
· it does not have bacterial origin
· it is completely reabsorbable even if rather slowly.

In fact it is slowly degraded in natural elements, as water and carbon dioxide, by mitochondria.
The average duration can reach a year.

Bioinblue can be used for:
· Nasogenian furrows
· Increase of lips.
· Increase and regularization of cheekbones

It can also be used for minor calibre wrinkles, bit in this case I prefer to use materials as hyaluronic acid or collagen.
It can give a discreet oedema (swelling) when lips are treated.
As a rule it goes away in 12 – 24 hours
Lately, however, this collateral effect is more and more rarely noticed.

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